Selling your social media accounts?

What does everyone do with their old social media accounts when a project changes directions?

So you decide to abandone a social media account; anything from a wordpress blog to a twitter account? Do you close it? I think this is wastfull of one’s time. It seems to me that we shouldn’t do this. Most social media profiles and pages these days aren’t people, their concepts that other people can build on. We should sell our accounts. This is value, we should be able to trade it. It will proove that spam is worthless and social media companies will benefit from the increase in activity.

Anyhow, there is definitly value in this user generated content, trade it.

Selling a page is against Facebook’s Terms of Service:

I imagine other social media sites have similar policies.

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No one can sell any kind of service already owned by facebook.

Hi there! I suppose selling of social media accounts in unnecessary knowing that FB don’t allow this and you can always press the “Delete” button to give way to a new account… All I’m saying is you can always delete an account once a project changes directions and create a new one for promoting a new project…:slight_smile:

Many businesses are seeking to buy social media pages or profiles with many followers/friends etc, in order to promote their own company or cause… It is not rare nowadays, but yeah, it is definitely not ethical.

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