Selling streaming DVDs (without a partner!)

I’d like to start a site that sells online educational DVDs. We already have the physical DVDs, just want to put them online. I saw ModMachine by leapingbrain and like the concept, etc. But I don’t want to share revenue with anyone. Are there any pre-built systems/scripts or what kind of search words should I use to find this type of system? I just want to pay for the streaming bandwidth, the hosting space and perhaps the design of a custom system to do this. I would think some companies already have out of the box solutions ready to go though?

Is there such a membership product for Joomla?

Amember doesn’t look like what I would need… I’d like to sell the DVDs as DVDs, just cheaper than the physical products. Truthfully, the porn sites seem to have this down to a science where they offer either the tangible DVD, a digital rental of the video for a period of time, or download to own. I need to find a porn forum!

For example, this product: (adult content)

See how it has pay per minute, streaming, and download to own pricing? They even go a step farther and offer physical DVD rental and own. Basically, every possible option is covered for someone who wants to view this video

I have a client that has been selling educational DVD’s for years. But most of them are sold by sending the physical copy. However, some are sold as a digital copy by selling membership to a website. You can use aMember for this… Easy to setup!

A good membership product will do
exactly what you’re looking for i.e.

Provide the DVD for instant download,
or view online.

Using an out of the box solution, all you
need to do is:

  1. Browse

  2. Upload

  3. Allow access after a customer pays you

  4. Optional - Charge a recurring payment and
    giving them new content via a “drip feed” mechanism.

Good luck with your product. Video on demand is a great way to sell your dvds, but you might want to find a few different ways to protect your content. Piracy is difficult to manage.


Indeed, I’m reading about DRM and other protection tools. I also learned today about ways to protect PDF files which is pretty cool.

Google GFY

lol thanks… I found a lot of information; I just had to find the right keywords to search. It’s called VOD or video on demand.