Selling Posters?

(My apologies if this is off topic for new media)

I have a few images (one in particular) that are sure to sell big in the poster market.What is the best way for me to create a business plan to sell posters?

I would say: [LIST=1]
[]Copyright images for US and Overseas
]Get images printed cheaply in mass quantities
[*]Decide if I want these posters to be fine print or just sold on cheap paper commercially

Getting them copyrighted is obvious. However, if I am not sure how many posters are going to sell it’s not a smart idea to get them mass produced. I suppose I could use websites that would sell them for me. However, that leaves me uneasy since I would have to upload high res images and lose control of them.

Tough predicament really.

However, the best bet would be to setup a small website where you showcase such images, you would be better off displaying a small resolution thumb of the pictures. Even better, would be to use some sort of jQuery enhancement to achieve a zoom in effect. (Not as difficult as I’m making it seem of course).

So, Small Website > Edited Resolution > Paypal Payments > Profit :slight_smile:

Seems like you forgot one big piece: marketing.

Unless you are creating the best posters ever made, you might want to think about it! Maybe they are just that good!!