Selling pictures


So now I’ve made my clients website finished.
I’ve made him like 9 pictures as you can see on (Those pictures is the pictures that is sliding in the slider.)
Those 9 pictures was included in the price of the website.

Now he wanna have another 9 or 10 pictures.

What he is sending me is the picture of the product and the text that the picture should include, what I do is I copy the text into the picture, make a heading for the product, make it look good with some different stuff.

Now to the question.

What could I be able to take as a price for each image?

Just charge a fair rate for your time.

What’s a fair rate?

Each picture may take 15-20 minutes. What should I take for that?

I have no clue.

You have to work out your own hourly rate. It depends on so many factors—cost of living, similar rates in your area, your experience level etc.—that someone one the other side of the world can’t advise you.

Aight. Your true. I guess I have to.


I think you should also base your price somewhat on the amount you charged for the website because client will be thinking along those lines too. He will probably expect the photos to be a lot cheaper than the website.