Selling My Database

I’m a young professional with experience in Marketing & Promotions, plus have gained a network of over 12,000 people over the past 2 years from my many projects and travels. I’m getting out of the marketing business and looking to off-load my database. The contacts consists of people in: Finance, Marketing, Entertainment, PR, VIP / Executives, Fashion, Creative and Beverage Industries. I would say the database is 80% active.

I don’t know the first thing about selling off contacts, but I do know they are damn good! Any suggestions or perhaps buyers?

[FONT=“Georgia”]I don’t know much about this sort of thing and I don’t know if it’s a common practice.

But for me, I know if I was one of your contacts, I’d be annoyed to hell if you sold my information to someone else.

I don’t want some random idiot that I never met before calling me up and bothering me. And I’d be mad at both him and you, for giving him my info.


I understand you point of view, however data is bought and sold by everyone every day. How do you think Credit Card companies and banks find you?

Think of it this way… there are companies that you are seeking and they are seeking you. If data wasn’t exchanged and marketing didn’t take place then you probably wouldn’t know, heard through the grape vine, or see 90% of the things you know.

If the database contains private information about people you are not allowed to sell or distribute any of the information under any circumstances. Of course you make your choices, but if someone is on that list and finds that you are releasing their private identity information they can lawsuit you for distribution of private identity to the public.

Because if I would find out that I’m on the list and you are distributing it, I would file a lawsuit against you. I believe most of the people would do the same thing to protect themselves.

Providing names, emails, and telephone numbers is not against the law, especially if the information was collected under the pretense that there names are going into a DATABASE.

Did you have a privacy policy in place when people joined your database stating that their information may/will be sold?

Personally i agree with the other members, I myself do online marketing and if someone sold my information then i would not be a very happy man.

don’t do it

those people most likely did not give you their permission to disseminate their names or contact details

the whole thing sounds very spammy and distasteful to me