Selling music and stories together?

Can anyone recommend a way for a songwriter and graphic designer to sell their product online without having to go through a publisher? I would think sell it off a website and an app. But I would like the product to be one. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Use a shopping cart system that can handle digital files?

If a song and a story is one “product” then just include them both in one zip file.

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Yes, this is pretty standard. It’s what the web is for! :stuck_out_tongue: There are lots of cart services out there that make it really easy to sell digital goods online. At the moment, my favorite is Gumroad, just for its simplicity—though there are many various options, depending on your requirements.

I agree, Gumroad is perfect for this. It’s a really nice way of selling non-standard web products.

I love the idea of someone selling visual art and music together — if you’d like, send me a link via PM, I’d love to check it out!

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