Selling Facebook Pages?

[FONT=Arial Narrow]So, I am just catching wind of the existence of businesses and people who are buying Facebook likes/pages with decent amounts of likes.

What’s your opinion on this? I am the owner of a page with almost 87k likes? How does it even work, being that technically the page isn’t actually yours, but Facebooks?

:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for all your answers, really.:confused:[/FONT]

I guess the first question is what you’d be selling… A page follows a particular brand, topic or interest. Are you selling your business which runs that page? A page which has been used to cover a particular subject to someone who may wish to turn it into a more profitable operation? It’s not as if fans simply transfer or will engage on a new topic because they clicked like to the old one.

This of course gets back to your question: ownership of the page. If you’re selling a broader business, the facebook presence would obviously be included. But if you’re just trying to sell likes, well that’s covered in the TOS [not to mention being totally impractical for the buyer].


It has 86,626 likes :stuck_out_tongue: I have someone offering me 100 dollars. I feel like that is really low.