Selling Digital Goods Via Paypal

You may also consider, which is completely free and full of features.

I think a download script is what you need. If you plan on that many downloads your better off with own program.

Alot of hosting sites now have script installers that will install script for you.

I use payloadz in conjunction with paypal. I don’t use their servers I use my own to host the products. You do not have to use their servers.

Yes, it isn’t free, but, nothing worthwhile generally is :slight_smile:


that’s exactly what you do with …You actually must store your product’s files somewhere else (on your own server, on a free hosting space etc.)

Ejunkie offer to host your files or allow you to host your own.


What’s the problem ? Handling the automatic delivery of the product/file after the payment ?

(sorry for the question)

Hey Eric, how many products do you have on this site/store?

DigiVendor 1.08

why not look at is a working example of phppayloadz.



Wow… why do these old threads get resurrected this like? :goof:

It even says how old it is in red letters while you type a response. It looks like this ones came back to life several times in the last few years.


I know that’s an old question but to deal digital file with paypal, i have a great, simple solution. it’s a soft which generates all php files. this Php files allow you to sell in security your digital content with paypal. The soft is called Epayoneclic on . Before i use the automatic return page of paypal but my customer knew the download link. Thanks epayoneclic, the download link is removed after 25 minutes.


you can use or

This link is broken for some reason, I see this error: “You have requested an outdated version of PayPal. This error often results from the use of bookmarks.”

It is better to use this link:

There are only 25 recommended solutions.