Selling banners - microbanners, redirects, tracking

I have listed the option of microbanners for sale, thoughout the site.

a) although am questioning if the 88x 31 dimensions are enough for a visual draw. It seems the visitor almost needs to recognize the name/color combination before clicking. Any thoughts?

b) also, the banners are set up to run statically but am converting to php/mysql for runtimes, etc. What type of redirect is used to maintain links internally? Click-redirect all links containing a url variable to a landing page, and from there auto redirect off to the advertisers site?

c) what about tracking hits? since Analytics is off site, is it generally accepted that private site advertising not provide basic stats? is there a decent freebie download available for banner tracking?

SitePoint uses it to serve their display ads, so it’s scalable and robust, and it’s free.

thanks Dan,

Do you know what their take is on the purchased ads?
Since I assume ads are being run off their server, what shows live in the event there are no ads being placed/bought?

This might work with a job board I operate.

88x31 banners are still pretty popular. You can’t include a great deal of info in there - but general branding/color scheme, logo and call to action can fit into this size no problem! :slight_smile:

OpenX Ad Server is downloadable software. There is no revenue sharing, you run it on your own server, it’s free open source software. You can set defaults to run when there are no ads in a zone.


I am planning on redirecting banner ads on to a single page on my site and excluding this page with the robot disallow for search engine reasons – before the visitor is sent on to the Advertiser website

User-agent: *
Disallow: /advertiser_folder/

Do you happen to know if OpenX can work with this?