Selling & Assessing Domain Names

In doing my niche research, I have encountered and registered exact match domain names that I won’t be developing due to higher competition factors than I prefer to deal with. However, its possible that other people/companies may see the potential and see value in developing these.

The exact Local monthly search volume for these sites varies from 2,500 to 12,000 and in quotes competition ranges from 50,000 to 130,000. I’ve also done the allintitle and allinanchor analysis and page one competition analysis. Also, the CPC values are from $1.30 to over $2.00.

I’m just looking for advice on how to determine whether I should research fliipping these domains or just sit on them while they age.

o How do I go about assessing the market value of these exact match domain names?
Is there some industry standard formula?

o Where would I post these domains for sale to flip them?

o What effect does letting domain names age have on their value?

Many Thanks For Any Advice


haven’t sold my site quite yet, but i know sedo is a pretty popular venue to sell sites…

gmr324, I don’t believe the domains will value with age. Sites do, though. So if you create some content and leave it to simmer it could be worth a bit more in a few years, not a huge deal more.

There is no strict formula for assessing value- it’s up to individual buyers. Get a good one on a good day and you could double what the domain would have gotten you normally. But why do you have to decide a price? Put them up for auction at SEDO, Moniker etc., and see how far the bidding goes. There’s no better way of judging what the market will pay. There is also the sitepoint marketplace, now, where you can offer domains for sale.

Have you considered parking your domain? Parking is another great way of monetizing your domain, you will be paid per click. 20 click on your keyword of $1.2 will amount to $24/day

Domain are valued according to; age, keyword search popularity, traffic etc the higher popularity of your domain the higher the market value.

you can go for autobloging