Selling a two digit domain

Im just wondering how I can sell a two digit domain that I own.
I am not familiar with the business and want to make sure that the transaction is completed properly and securely…
Can someone point me in the right direction. I also know how much I want but is there anywhere I can get a free appraisal?>

I heard that, under ICANN agreements for all the global TLDs, two letter
domains are reserved and can’t be registered. is that true?

If you do have a 2 digit domain, try using It enables you safe trading.

Ask for appraisal on the forums like namepros, domainnews etc.

I’m just being nosey but what website do you own? A two digit site could be quite impressive to own.

A two Digit domain?I too would love to buy if it suits me…You can also try some reseller sites.Check that dude! All the best. or would be ideal to sell… Go for a appraisal before listing, you could make a good amount of money by selling it :slight_smile:

Can i see the URL?

You can open an auction for selling your domain.

I suppose before you selling domain name you need to get appraisal for it. Good places to get appraisals could be:

I suppose appraisal could help you to decide about the estimated price.