Selling a facebook page?

Hi everyone

Over the years I’ve created a few Facebook pages but thought nothing of it till I noticed some messages on the larger ones with offers to purchase the sites, from what looks like your classic fake accounts, though some gave links to websites offering money for pages which they were representing so I thought it might be the real deal.

They offer immediate Paypal payments so I thought I’d look into it and was happy when offered around £100 but a little look around the net suggests some could be worth thousands.

Of my most popular sites, one is a Wikipedia fan page with around 200,000 fans, and another general fan page with around 150,000 fans.

Do you guys reckon these could be worth more than I first thought?

I welcome any tips and comments!



Surely the page belongs to Facebook - only the content belongs to you. How can you sell something you don’t own? Have you checked Facebooks ToS to ensure they allow this?

I don’t understand why anyone would want to buy an unrelated page in the first place but then again I don’t understand why people think buying fake fans is useful either.

The only way I can think of to legitimately sell your page is to not sell your page but rather sell the business that operates it and everything that entails so that the owner is invested in that brand. After all the value of your page is in people who chose to follow it; if the page changes the value, and thus the following, disappears.

I agree - I can’t see it being within their rules somehow!

Giving it all a miss.

Cheers anyway guys.