Seller who sold me Blogger template asleep at the wheel

I don’t understand why some sellers disappear but don’t bother to take down or suspend purchases on their website…? I bought this blogger template from zoom templates and there is no one at the helm to answer my questions…

Anyway, it’s a news aggregator template and I’m trying to keep the different rss news feed boxes that are next to each other at the same height on the page but it changes as the news headlines change. But in the zoom templates demo all the rss feed boxes are even.

Anyone know how i can fix this? Thanks.

After each line of boxes, they have inserted this on the demo page:

<div style="clear: both;"></div>

But a better approach is to do this:

.section {display: inline-block;}

However, your page is complicated by having boxes within boxes (the widgets inside the sections) which makes this quite a mess to deal with.

Off Topic:

I can understand why a template provier would not want to help with issues like this. This sort of thing is a job for a web designer who knows code and who is being paid for the work.

but the demo works fine and i paid for a working script. the script is not working correctly.

Have you changed it at all? Because it’s significantly different from the demo version.

no i just did as i was instructed for installing and populating the rss feeds.

Hm, odd; but looking at your original link, the boxes all look even now. So is this resolved? Well done if you fixed it yourself. :slight_smile:

yeah, i fixed it.

the problem was i had made no spaces between the rss boxes in the blogger 'Layout" section… i went in there and added empty spaces between all top and bottom rss boxes and the problem went away…i’m guessing the boxes were too close to each other the other way and interfering with each other. thanks.