Sell Website Now or Wait til after Holidays?

Debating whether to list a site for sale now, at Flippa, within about a week, which would run for 30 days, or wait until about a week after the new year to list.

Pondering if the chances would be better to bring a sale and for also fetching a better price.

I think you’d have a better chance after the holidays, personally. I mean, I may be wrong, but I’ve always considered the holiday seasons a slower market for pretty much everything. Personally I’d recommend posting the listing sometime after the new year.

I agree, wait a week or 2 after New Years and before Valentine’s.

You’ll be set for sales.

I want to sell my Site that is under
Can I sell it ?
I don;t know that is it able to Sell ? It is a Blogspot site

Unless you need the money right away, I would wait until after the New Year. This time of year is the slowest possible time for doing any kind of business like that.