Sell Tickets Online to Events Script


I was wondering if anyone knew a good script where you can sell tickets online to events.

If its in PHP it would be great.


I like eventbrite to sell tickets online.

You don’t happen to know one that does airline ticket sales as well do you?

No, but there’s a niche there I’m sure – :slight_smile:

Heh, unfortunately it’s not one I’m in a position to capitalise on or I wouldn’t be asking in the first place. I need to deliver this solution, but I’m really struggling to find a way of doing it that doesn’t require a custom build.

I’ve been told that there are third party airline ticket sales servcies but haven’t been able to find one yet.

(EDIT: Had another look and found this and [URL=“”]this, obviously I didn’t look hard enough the first time…]

If you do come across it, I’d be interested to have a look. Seems a difficult service to make work correctly, in this era of e-tickets and restrictions.

Sorry, must have been editing my post as you were posting, I found a couple:

You should try going to They have a lot of ticketing scripts for ASP and PHP.

Selling tickets online is a tough business that is dominated by some very powerful companies. Be careful how much you invest before you understand the market.

Thanks for you reply.

I am not trying to dominate the market. It is mostly to sell tickets to smaller shows including concerts, wedding shows, and fashion shows.

I can probably use an Ecommerce script for selling stuff, but it is not really specific to that industry. Unless there is a module out there for it.

We did actually do such a script. I’m sure we could recompile some of the code for you and do it in the range of a few hundred dollars. We made a script that allows both selling tickets to your own events or importing from a data source.

I would really have to see a demo of it to really consider purchasing it.
I am not looking for custom coding, otherwise I would write something up myself.
I would rather just purchase a script and customize it where needed.

Let me know if you have a working demo of it.

Here you are, it can be used for the most :slight_smile: