Self pinging website script - why not do it in-house?

Hi all,

I’m wondering how many of you custom tune your website(s) (be them bespoke or based on CMS designs) to self ping major search engines each time there’s new content and thus you’ve updated your sitemap file?

For example, a) do you use the below at all and b) how often do you use it?

Obviously the above is only for Google but you get my drift.

Of course one could use paid ping services (and I see by reading posts that a lot of you are) but I don’t get why when it can be done in-house and for free using requests as above?

I personally think writing a script that pings the major search engines say every day at 12:00am (in PHP for example) is a good idea? …but do you? :slight_smile:


It depends on where you will have the in-house ping service located. Will it ping the website(s) from the outside, or from the local network?

Part of the reason a ping service is useful is to make sure a website is accessible to the outside world.

Thanks for your comment.

A little clarification on my end. I wasn’t referring to hosting a pinging server (i.e. running it as its own online business) but rather integrating the pinging code into a niche website itself so as to not require the use of external pinging services (free or paid).

In a nutshell one could say I’m asking whether:
a) to deploy an in-house pinging functionality via adding relevant code to a niche website
b) just use external pinging services even if this means paying for it

Well the code would essentially be part of the website, except it would only get run on a certain day or at a certain time of each day. It would simply ping the major search engines by sending the sitemap url again (as pings normally do).

Each time new content is added to the site it gets added to the sitemap so it seems only natural to ping it in-house (by the website itself) rather than use 3rd party paid services?

Is there any reason to pay for it via 3rd party online services?

This forum pings every time there’s a new thread/post, does it use an in-house solution or 3rd party paid solution?

I’m just trying to gather some opinions about what’s the best way to go about it and why.

I was using at one point. They do offer a basic free service before getting up to the paid features.

If you host a ping service yourself, what if your server goes down? How will the ping service send you an alert?