Selection lines showing

On this page:

when the page loads in firefox, there is a kind of dotted lines around HOME menu link. The lines go away when you click anywhere else on the page. But are back when the link is clicked. It happens with every click on a main menu link on the site. even when you click on the its submenu link.

These lines show in firefox and apple. But not in ie and opera.

Please help.

You should always specify a:focus (helps accessibility)

By default, you should always have an outline set on :focus because otherwise keyboard users will be SOL. :slight_smile:

there is green arrow supposed to appear under the current page link. Without a:focus, this arrow doesn,t appear. even though i have set it on a:active as well.

the outline:none seemed to work. but still could you clarify when to use a:focus and when not?

Than you

try this

a:active {
  outline: none;




That’s weird, but also make sure :focus isn’t set (a:focus{outline:0;})

I don’t see this happening on mine, so I’m guessing :slight_smile:

It’s :focus that’s causing it :). Just tested