Selecting a contour in photoshop


I have the image of a person with a busy background. How do I select the contour of the person in the image using photoshop, without having to use the lazzo tool? Is there a function that does this automatically? And if yes is it clever :wink: ?


There’s no automatic tool for this, but this can be achieved in several ways - check the 5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop article.

There is also a great, but rather advanced method requiring some experience - Advanced Masking (scroll down to the bottom).

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Wow I can’t believe how slowly that guy talks. Even a 5 year old would get bored :rolleyes:

He sure knows his stuff, though :slight_smile:

the last method is very good, but will only work on high contrast bckgrounds. Looks like I am stuck with the lazzo tool as before. I heard there is a plugin for photoshop which is pretty good, but don’t have details yet, would anyone know what this plug in might be?

Corel KnockOut for example.
I heard that Vertus Fluid Mask is a good one, but can’t confirm, as I haven’t tested it.