Selected or Active?

Was wondering what you all think is a better class name to use to indicate a “selected” or “active” link, say for example, to highlight the text of a current section in a nav bar? (e.g. a user is currently viewing the About Us page)

I don’t think this matter main thing is what you prefer while you create a css

“Active” gives you the impression of action, it makes the perception more receptive and keeps your eyes on that. “Active” is a powerful word.

Added “Current” to the poll and voted for it :cool:

So far I have used active, never really thought much about using current or selected instead. But I can see how it can be a bad idea since there’s also the a:active. I think I will use current from now on :slight_smile:

Yup. Current. That’s what I use too.

Me too. :slight_smile:

Just as long as you don’t use terms that have specific meanings that are totally different - such as selected or active.

i’m living in the current :wink:

That’s why it means that the mouse button or enter key is actually depressed at the time. Once the button is released the link is no longer active.

^Luckily we’re not adding this class to checkboxes or radio buttons.

Tijmen, class=“huidig” works great : )

It isn’t only active that means something completely different - selected does as well.

She’s currently using active, but she’s actively considering a change to current. :rofl:

I think that depends upon the situation, in most of the case I use active.

Since “active” actually means something else that sounds like a good idea.

So you’ll actively use ‘current’ instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

Snap :cool:

I currently use ‘active’, but the arguments above are quite strong so I might change that.

I use “current” also for the reasons already mentioned above :slight_smile:

An active link is one that currently has the mouse over it with the mouse button depressed or which has the focus and where the enter key is currently depressed.

As with Ray and Tommy I use “current” to indicate a link that should never need to be active because it just points to the current page.