Select obj -- how do I do it like this?

how do I do a select object (dropdown) like this?

that only some elements show up, then to get to the rest you need to click on that little arrow? I see this a lot these days, but is it a select obj or something else? in this mockup definitely they have a select object, they want it just like that when you click on it…

thank you…

oh man… sorry… maybe should have posted in HTML? forum???

[OT]A web page involves a lot, so it isn’t always easy to know where a question fits best.
But as you said it has a “select object”, I’m thinking javascript is the place.[/OT]

most probably it belongs in HTML forum, it’s just a dropdown… I said “select object” because sometimes it’s referred to as such…

(also my title very stupid, as I skipped a word… of course it should have been “select obj – how do I do like this?”)

Off Topic:

I’ve renamed it. I usually think of “selects” as being form inputs and going by the image it looks to be more what I’d call an “expanding menu”, but if you know its in a form others may want to know how to style it as they’re notoriously pesky to style. And I’ve moved it again, we’ll see how it goes :wink:

Looks like a normal dropdown menu to me rather than a converted select element. As you can’t style a select element anyway the only way to do it would be to use a dropdown menu but you could of course swap the data back into a select using javascript if needed.

You could base the menu on the suckerfish menu and just add some extra javascript at the end for the click event to show the rest of the menu.

Something roughly like this but my JS is very basic (just swap the text for an arrow image).