<select> line syntax confusion

Hey all - slowly piecing together PHP and HTML but I’m missing something here. I’ve tried a few different variations but they all seem to just white out my page.

   	<select class="select" name="selected_bidder" size="9" id="selected_bidder" onChange="document.A_Patron_Find_Form.edit_bidder.value='false'; submit();" style="width: 290px"> 	

Currently this line works; However, I want to add to the “onChange” some sort of ($undisable = true) that then runs a function that “undisables” a button. The function I have written already quite easily off of some google page for a similar issue - however they are using keyup’s in text fields and I’m using said and shown select line.

Any help would be appreciated. My simple solution (not a good one) is another button that has the singular job of setting the variable, but I would like it to be from this select so everything is nice like it should be.

Thanks for any direction. I accept links to pages on google no problem - I search for them myself but understanding everything that is on them is the issue.

You would probably do better to replace with the onChange with an event handler.

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I know nothing about that; google returns… a lot. Can you send me a link to a general learning page etc? w3 for once is failing me.

It would have been better had I said event listener. This tutorial might help.

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