Select from database and echo with php

I have 2 tables:
1st with id, title, id_parent

1	Car	0
2	BMW	1
3	Ferrari	1
4	Bugatti	1
5	People	0
6	Tom Cruise	5
7	Arnold	5
8	Van Damme	5

and 2nd with: id, description, id_category

1	BMW	is a good car 1
2	Ferrari is for good roads	1
3	Bugatti is a very expensive car	1
4	Tom Cruise	is from Mission Impossible  5
5	Arnold likes California	5
6	Van Damme is in Europe 	5

I want to print out first on a page Car and People, from 1st table. If I click on Car link I want to print out the car titles from 1st table, too and the same for People. Finally if I click on each title I want to display the description for that title.

Please someone help me with the selects for each query and with the link. I mean how to have that a href for each query.

I don’t understand your objective. What’s the difference between what you’re calling a car title and a description?

If you give your tables column names and use those names I can help you out.