Select element on form not inserting values in table

all other element are inserting the values inputed in the table except the select element, i have also echoed it but it returns no value,
below it the related php and html form.please help have a look,thanks

$submit = $_POST['Add'];

//form data
$Sname = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Sname']));
$Pname = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Pname']));
$Pidno = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Pidno']));
$Psize = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Psize']));
$Pcolour = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Pcolour']));
$Pquantity = $_POST['Pquantity'];
$Weblink = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Weblink']));
$Price = strip_tags(htmlentities($_POST['Price']));

echo "$Pquantity","$Pname";


//open database
$connect = mysql_connect('localhost','xxxxxx','xxxxxxx') or die('error connecting: ' . mysql_error());
mysql_select_db('reachea2_registeringmembers')or die('error selecting db: ' . mysql_error());//select database
//check for pplac
	//if ($Sname&&$Pname)
$queryreg = mysql_query("

INSERT INTO repplac VALUES ('','$Sname','$Pname','$Pidno','$Psize','$Pcolour','$Pquantity','$Weblink','$Price')



<form action='youraccount.php' method='Post' class='slistbar'>
	<label for='shoppinglist' class='fixedwidth'></label>
	<textarea type='text' name='shoppinglist' id='username' cols='100' rows='15'></textarea>
	</div> -->
	<label for='Sname' class='fixedwidth'>Shop name</label>
	<input type='text' name='Sname' id='Sname'/>
	<label for='Pname' class='fixedwidth'>Product name</label>
	<input type='text' name='Pname' id='Pname'/>
	<label for='Pidno' class='fixedwidth'>Product id no</label>
	<input type='text' name='Pidno' id='Pidno'/>
	<label for='Psize' class='fixedwidth'>Product size</label>
	<input type='text' name='Psize' id='Psize'/>
	<label for='Pcolour' class='fixedwidth'>Product colour</label>
	<input type='text' name='Pcolour' id='Pcolour'/>
	<label for='Pquantity' class='fixedwidth'>Product quantity</label>
	<select name="pquantity" id="Pquantity">
	<label for='Weblink' class='fixedwidth'>Web link</label>
	<input type='text' name='Weblink' id='Weblink'/>
	<label for='Price' class='fixedwidth'>Price GBP</label>
	<input type='text' name='Price' id='Price'/>
	<div class='buttonarea'>
			<input type='submit' name='submit' value='Add'>

echo the actual query being run.

"INSERT INTO repplac VALUES (‘’,'$Sname’,'$Pname’,'$Pidno’,'$Psize’,'$Pcolour’,'$Pquantity’,'$Weblink’,'$Price’)"

and if the values are not correct then you need to trace back your code to the line where that incorrect value is set and fix it.

hint: names are case sensitive

thanks i did that , and was able to track where the problem was in the code