Select based on highest percentage value of two columns

I have a MySQl table which holds performance result data.
ASales_Actual, ASales_Target, BSales_Actual, BSales_Target, Name, Team

I need to write a select statement which will show the person who has sold the most in terms of highest percentage reached of their target. I don’t know how to do this.

I am able to select the person who has sold the most units using sum()

Can someone please help me with who I can select the highest in terms of percentage reached please?

This isn’t the entire query, but could you use something like MAX(ASales_Actual/ASales_Target) AS max_percentage?

what’s the reason for “A” and “B” columns?

thanks I’ll see if I ca make that work

There are two different types of sales figures that need to be entered individually into the table

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