Seeking tools to track website metrics, intranet metrics, and online media mentions

Hi Folks,

I am looking for a tool or set of tools (online) that would allow my company to track metrics for our external website, intranet, and media mentions. If there a single tool that can do this – great. However, a set of comprehensive tools with a logical user interface, useful online help tool and good customer support would be great too.

The ideal would be a single dashboard that pulled in all the information, even if the source were discrete applications.


Have you taken a look at LeadFormix?

It’s more for tracking visits to convert to sales, but it touches on everything you mentioned. I’m just now deploying it for the first time so still learning my way around but it’s pretty powerful.

Thanks. I will check it out.

I tried to sign in but desperate, and having trouble. until I give up!

Why don’t you try weblogexpert and New Relic? I guess they should serve your purpose!