Seeking Recommendations for Web Design Software

I am a somewhat experienced site designer who has been on a bit of a hiatus. I have designed sites writing my own HTML and more recently was using Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer. Coffee Cup has stopped development of VSD and is migrating to a Responsive Design software and the learning curve is fairly steep.

I need to do some new website work and I’ll use the Coffee Cup product if necessary but I would really like to find a good WYSIWYG editor that I can jump right into fairly quickly AND is

  1. DOWNLOADABLE - or in the box-
  2. costs a set amount (no monthly fees to use) (I can afford up to $300)
  3. also allows HTML editing
  4. and I can upload the code to my own server.
    [Side note, responsive design would be nice but is a lower priority than above]
    Any help would really be appreciated. I’ve been searching my brains out and keep coming up short. Thank you!!

If you are an experienced site designer, you shouldn’t be using a WYSIWYG tool. Either code by hand using something like NetBeans or SublimeText or do your graphics in Illustrator/Photoshop/Fireworks and split the images then code by hand.

All the WYSIWYG tools I’ve ever used output horrid code.

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