Seeking Open-Source Tool for Mock-ups

Can someone please recommend a web design tool that…

1.) Will allow me to make quick mock-ups of my website (including Text, Tables, Form Controls, etc) using a “drag-and-drop” approach

2.) Is open-source

3.) Will allow me to save as HTML - and ideally PDF - so I can show others.

4.) I can learn to use in like 5 minutes (versus 5 years like some apps)!

I sketched out parts of an e-commerce site that I am building and want a digital form to share with gurus helping me on Site Point.

The goal is to just create digital mock-ups - I don’t care what the HTML looks like.

(In the past, I used MS Word to do this on my PC’s, but now I have a Macbook, and Open-Office is being a pain when I try to do the same thing.)


Here’s a pretty comprehensive blog post that might help (includes links to software)

Excellent blog entry! Thanks for the link.