Seeking affiliate programs that pay $100+ per sale


What affiliate programs or general niches have advertisers that pay $100+ per sale?


What do you mean by general niche?
One of my ex-business partners worked with adult webcam affiliate programs.
He showed me his stats where he got more than $100 for every new premium customer signup.
I never have worked with any adult programs myself so I cannot tell you much more on this.

You may look at moreniche affiliate program.It is a legitimate health related affiliate network that pays more than 100 bucks for a sale.

Have you tried Their affiliate program pays quite well and they have other additional bonuses for achieving higher sales targets.

In general, you probably want to look towards adult entertainment (casino/gambling and porn). There are other niches that pay $100+ CPA but for online casino / online poker offers this is a norm.

Ah yes - and when dealing with online casinos do yourself a huge favour and sign up directly, as opposed to via an affiliate network. 99% of gambling merchants have their own affiliate platform, take good care of affiliates and needless to say, pay you a lot more than you would get when you’d go through a network as networks generally charge anywhere from 5-30% before paying you.

you can go for shiverlink…