Seeking advice on porting my CGI/Perl site to a new development platform

I have to give you a background. Please bear with me.

I started dabbling with web development a few years back. CGI/Perl was very convenient. I used MySQL too. I used a lot of CPAN modules (DBI, ImageMagick, mail modules and many more). However, since I did not give too much of a design thought and I did not know Perl too well, the software I developed was unorganized and cluttered. Performance is a real issue (CGI and not-so-smart use of MySQL).

I am planning to rewrite the whole thing. I have 2 goals in mind. Need to develop a clean/efficient platform (who does not!) and secondly, this exercise gives me skills that help is find jobs. I had thought about the following:

  1. Perl - I am not inclined to redo in Perl as I will have problems finding help/resources locally, if I needed it.

  2. Java/C/C++ - I have programmed in these languages and have an object oriented concept somewhat. However, I am not familiar with web development platforms. Doing it in Java would certainly help find jobs

  3. PHP - I have never programmed in PHP. Help/Resources are easier to find. Again I have no idea about the web development platforms.

  4. Ruby/Python - I am totally unfamiliar with

  5. Microsoft platforms - I work on Linux


Need to develop a clean/efficient platform (who does not!)

Any reason you need to develop your own? Why not use one of the many existing ones?

Simple ones: CGI::Application (or with Titanium wrapper) or Matt’s Web::Simple for smaller stuff.

A single does-everything framework (not for developing your own framework) like Mojolicious.

Or a does-absolutely-everything-and-downloads-half-of-CPAN (but the good half), Catalyst.

There’s a list of (current) frameworks and whatnots over in the Perl, Python and other languages forum sticky thread called “Perl Resources”.

The places for good Perl help:

perlmonks (ignore the trolls)
perlmonger mailing lists (have a local monger group nearby?)

Perl guys like their mailing lists. You can try the irc channel but apparently there are a lot of ivory-tower nerds over there so if you have one bad experience there, just leave.

Any way you find them, there’s a large and active group of Perl programmers out there if you want to find help and guidance.

Oh and for speed, plain old CGI has been out since the late 90’s. There’s mod_perl now : ) And fastCGI, or CGI::Fast : ) and wsgi… and plack…