Seeking advice on how to monetize 2 busy pages


First off, sorry if I should not be posting this question - I don’t think I am advertising anything here.

I have an ecards website, which does sort of okay, but a while ago I put on a random username generator on the site, and that has taken off really well.

This page:
Gets 55% of all site traffic, at about 105,000 page views per month.

Next up is this one:
With 11% at about 22,000 page views per month.

I have some google ads on the site, but they don’t really get clicked on via the username pages.

I have previously created some google channels and placed those on the username pages, and they were hardly ever clicked on, so I presume they weren’t that relevant, and people ignored them - I have since deleted them.

I just wondered if anyone might be able to advise what I could do to maybe capitalise on the fact that these pages are doing pretty well at the moment - are there any better solutions other than google ads that people think might be better / more relevant?

Any advice much appreciated.


When you say they don’t do that well, what sort of CTR have you seen from the various ads you’ve tried?

For a 5 day period when I tested putting ads on the 2 main username pages:

  • On the main username page, for 5,152 ad requests there were 12 clicks, with an “Ad Request CTR” of 0.23%.
  • On the other username generator page, there were 776 ad requests and no clicks.

I suppose the username generator pages generate lots of page views, as people refresh the page a lot to get new combinations, but it’s not that ad-friendly, or, people just ignore them anyway.

On other ad units on the site, I have Ad Request CTRs of between 0.60% and 3.61%


I guess you should try changing the placement of ads on the page. The number of clicks vary depending on the place on the page where you place the ads. The CTR would eventually vary if you place the ad at right place where you can get more clicks relative to the refreshes and your CTR would go up.

I would try a pop-under that happens when they click submit or something like that.

I would really think that an adsense unit right above the tool would be best.