, do I have a virus?

All of a sudden I am getting an error whenver I try to open a webpage that says:

“Services for this domain have been discontinued”

When I watch the bottom left hand corner of my browser, just before I get the error message I see it is looking for “”.

This started first with my gmail, then yahoo mail, then facebook, and now it happens with every page I open more than once.

I am using a macintosh and have never before had a virus, but this seems like I have one now. Does anyone know what this might be, and how I could remedy it?

in Nepal. how interesting :slight_smile:

as i said, probably just a dns issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, and sorry for replying so late. I was traveling in Nepal…

The problem only happened when I was at this hotel for a couple of days. Once I left there I haven’t had the problem since. It must have had something to do the ip there or something…

sounds more like a DNS issue.

try to flush your local DNS cache -> reboot

if you are behind a router reboot it and flush it’s dns cache too.

check your network settings to see if it’s set to obtain DNS server automatically or Use the folloving DNS server. here you can give it the right values if you still struggle with the problem.

then go back and flush local DNS again, wait a few minutes and do it again.
also check your host file (/private/etc/hosts)