Security of online wallets


Is it safe to keep your lots of money on online internet wallets like Moneybookers?


I would avoid using them, make sure that they can not credit me, are not directly tied to any of my bank accounts and I’d transfer only the required amount of funds just before transaction.
Because I have no practical way to assess their security, I would be very conservative about them.

i guess you are right about that. Thanks for giving your point of view :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a lot of horror stories of people having paypal accounts frozen with large amounts being held. I’d never leave any substantial amount of money in an account provided by a vendor like paypal who exist outwith normal financial regulation. Moneybookers are regulated under UK banking laws so are probably a bit safer than many of these sort of services.

yes you are right,the security procedure of Moneybookers is quite better. i have never found any hurdles in that but still i do not trust it that much to leave much money for long time on net :slight_smile: