Security Clearance

Does anyone know how to proove that you have a security clearance? i got one while i was in the army but i am no longer in the army but i know my clearance is still good until 2013 but i dont know how to prove that i have one. I looked on a ton of pages on google but everything was explaining how to get one or why to get one but i couldnt not find anything on how to prove you already have one. does anyone know if theres like a government website where i can get proof?


The only organizations that would ever require a clearance are the government or a private sector company that’s doing government work. So, if you claim to have a security level they can easily check it out. I have never heard of any way of actually issuing a credential or anything like that. An army clearance probably isn’t the same as the DOD/NSA/FBI clearances that are hot in the job market right now, though.

Thanks for your reply sage. I dont want any of those jobs lol. but the reason I was interested was a read a page that said having one can make you get paid more in your current job, what is said was a “company that doesnt have time to do a background check can see that you have a security clearance and that a thorough background check had been done on you and usually will put the money they saved into the employ’s salary.” I dont know if thats true or not it actually seems kind of far fetched now that I think about it.

That’s a strange way of putting it, but jobs requiring a security clearance have higher salaries, in general.

I think he may be talking about regular jobs that require a background check as part of the hiring process like a teacher.

A company that saves money isn’t going to automatically plow that back into employee salaries. But it may be a deciding factor on who they hire if they can save money by not doing a background check on one of the potential applicants.

Actually, that is not correct. A security clearance is a security clearance. I had a top secret clearance I got from Air Force that was use for civilian contracting as well.

Well, I said ‘probably’ so I’m not sure what was incorrect. In practice, most credentials earned in active service won’t translate into the software world, for example. Some will, which is why I said ‘probably’.

Problem is, you cannot easily check out a security clearance unless you are a government agency or government contractor that has direct access to them.

And someone saying that a security clearance is good until year xxxx is wrong, as the clearance will change upon life circumstance changes and would have to be re-evaluated.

A company that does not do a proper background check because you had a security clearance a few years ago is just asking for a nice high dollar lawsuit for negligent hiring practices.

just like everything else if you mess up what you have then you can lose what you have, otherwise a secret clearance lasts 10 years i got mine in 2003 so it wouldnt expire until 2013 and a top secret is for 5 years.

Yes, you are correct. And the clearance for the Army is the same as used at other agencies, especially for a Secret clearance. There are different levels of clearances and different levels of access but the application and process is the same no matter the organization. I recently had my clearance renewed and upon doing that I had to sign a piece of paper. I kept that paper. I would only mention the fact that I had a clearance to a company requiring it; otherwise it really isn’t pertinent accept that it would should that I am somewhat reliable (at least in the US Government’s eyes).

If a company requires you to have a clearance, more than likely they have access to check on that. They could always contact your old S2 for verification of it. In the Army, each clearance is managed by their unit. When you switch units, it switches.

Are you looking at a gvmt or defense contractor position?

No, actually I am taking a class and one of the projects is building a portfolio and it has to include alot of things besides just work you have done. I am also looking for jobs as well, and I wouldnt immediatly turn down a gov or defense contractor job but it isnt exactly what I am promanantly looking for.


It will be re-evaluated once it expires.

My clearance is good for 10 years (Canada though) and I think it’s actually coming up for renewal soon.


Check with your local Army recruiting office and ask them if they can verify your clearance. You may have to provide your DD214 or another document to prove you were in the military. They can look up your information and provide you with a printout. If they will not provide it, check with an Air Force or Navy recruiter.

I checked with an Army recruiter and they provided me with security clearance info and printed it on official letterhead.

Does anyone know how to proove that you have a security clearance?

Well, um… shouldn’t you ask your prospective employer about the forms of security-clearance proof they accept?