Secret of successful domain name

is having repeated letters in domain name secret of a www success? Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter all one thing common - they have same letters repeated. is that a coincidence or more?

Well repeating characters don’t help but the age of the domain does surely help

i agree. letters can be repeated just avoid repeating the words if not really necessary. make it simple, attractive and easy to remember.

Hmmm… it’s all depends on your way to develop it.
Those name can be easily remember and maybe the branding is easier.

But the most important way is you have something to make you get success.
Google with search engine, yahoo with their emails, FB with their social features, Twitter with their simple way to tell something to the world.

More proof that no one knows anything about SEO…:-).

i don’t think so… but if you can noticed that they are all catchy easy to remember…

I think you’ll find that those sites have more than “repeated letters in their name” in common - it may have something to do with the fact that they provide excellent services that people want to use.

I don’t think you can blame Facebook’s success over Myspace or Google’s prominence over Bing on that double ‘o’.

Here’s an experiment you could try - set up and see if you can take over the internet - with that many double letters, you must be guaranteed success :cool:

thats just plain silly… off course its a coincidence.

Funny but true Nepalsites, but i don’t think that it repeated letters affect the site to be in the top. Well i guess, they’ve come up with a great link building, and promoting.

I think you’re onto something here.

Keep digging and you’ll find the truth.

No its just they had become famous so we look at all these things. How do you think like this? Great analysis :lol:

The domain name itself carries no benefit from an SEO point of view if it did then would not be a successful computer software company but instead a famous fruit supplier! It’s all about how you build backlinks to your site. The only benefit of a domian closely linked to you niche is when it appears in search enginee results pages from a marketing perspective as visitors can quickly identify your site with the niche that they are searching for