Seconds of Delay Before Site Loads

When I try to load my website I get a several-second delay before anything appears. Are you seeing this? And if so, why might this be happening?

Thank you.

Loads as fast as any other website for me. Half second delay (normal speed) before it loads.

Hm. Interesting. Thank you.

The screenshots bog the page down for a few seconds. Sometimes googlefonts can take bit to kick in too - depends on your traceroute to google’s servers.

4.5 second page load for me.

Modern browsers these days delay page load by default until fonts are loaded, which is a controversial move that can be overridden with JS.

Interesting. What is the code to override it? Are there examples about how sites will display with that configuration, as the fonts are loading??

I’m not actually sure. I just heard about it yesterday in a podcast by the guy in this video, where I suspect he talks about the same thing (I haven’t watched the video yet):

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