Searching for facebook Application

Hello forums, is there a facebook application that let’s me embed friend list on a website.


I seriously don’t think so. It might be a good feature suggestion for Mark Zuckerberg.

This would be easy to do via the facebook API

I’ll read on the api docs, I’m sure it’s easy as long as there are hooks to connect to facebook.



Read the API docs very interesting.

Here’s some wordpress widgets and plug ins.

eerr …who is Mark Zuckerberg? :confused:

That is nice!

Mark? He is a nobody. His name wouldn’t appear in google if you searched for it . . . .

:lol: lol he’s the freaking co founder of FB. Where can I email him. I want to ask him why FB meticulously hid the rss feeds for status updates. Now everyone is jumping through hoops to find this feed.

…it’s just so retarded !! :mad:

Mark Zuckerberg is the billionaire founder and CEO of Facebook. Facebook currently employs over a thousand technicians and designers, and 99% of messages sent to Mark will be forwarded to someone else, and his private email address is not released. Use the Facebook interface to contact the developers, but remember that in a large organization, petty complaints are generally dismissed.

Naturally it is a petty complain and I ain’t serious in sending this hot shot emails. I just hate them for hiding the rss feeds, I mean it is much easier to pull data from FB with an rss feeds you just need to Xquery the xml file and display it as html using php. I guess this is not what they want to happen. An api developer SHOULD use the facebook Api to pull data from their servers.

Some people makes life too complicated :nono: