Searching for "accounting" software

Looking for a server side “app” where employees can add time, costs, etc for jobs on a daily basis.

Background: A friend’s business (includes e.g. auto repairs) has grown and things are getting out of hand. He have little clue what staff are doing, what they’re buying, how long time they spend on a job, etc. He need som kind of remotely hosted application where each employee can log in and easily add details each day. Each employee can only see his/her own “account”, but my friend and the accountant must be able to see all, summarize all, etc.

I’m running e.g. hosting and have his site on my server and we prefer to have this magical app installed there.

Thing is that neither he or I have the slightest clue where to search for something suitable or what that kind of software might be called (if it exists).

Would be great if someone here could suggest or point me in the right direction.


You should ask a website designer to create a database that has these features.

There is time tracking software, such as:

There is much more about that if you search. However I think that project mamangement also applies, as in:

However it is unlikely any of that would be best for your requirements. You probably want something customized for Auto Repair; such as:

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Thanks Samuel, for that extensive list! Will check it up.

Meanwhile, I found that the apps are commenly called “ERP” (whatever it means. English isn’t my mother tongue) and I also found a open source named “Dolibarr” which seems to be able to do what’s required.

I consider my problem as solved (but don’t know if there’s a way to flag the topic as such).

I knew there was an abundance of relevant software. I began with computers back before the internet was a resource but now we can easily find many things.

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning and evidently it has evolved into more than that. Note that open source is not necessarily an advantage.

You might want something that has customizations for automotive repair. Some built-in job estimates might help at least. I do not see a plugin for Dolibarr for that. Otherwise it likely has everything you are looking for. At least you now know what to look for.

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