Searching for a Social Media Management Tool

I’m searching for a tool that can manage 80–100 Facebook pages, a few Instagram accounts, and a few Twitter accounts. We used to use Hootsuite, however we’ve reached our limit and the cost to move up is too high for us. I’d like to keep my monthly expenses below $200. Right now, I’m giving demos of Heyorca, Planable, and SocialPilot. Even while they can all manage this many accounts, they all have some problems. Is there anything comparable to Hootsuite that costs less than $600 a month?

It might be helpful to everyone if you can list some of the features your require, what is and most importantly NOT important to you. As with any product comparisons, you are not always going to find everything you want in a single product, but if you can outline what you require and don’t want, people can help you match up alternatives. Otherwise we have no idea what to recommend based on your needs.

Have you checked out a product like Buffer? Again, not sure if this is in line with everything you are looking for. Clarification of features and requirements will go a long way. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input. Well, this time we have various thirds party tools that can manage your social media pages. Or you also try to facebook business suit which allows you to track and monitor everything. And such as buffer , Hootsuite,Post planner, sked social

You can try these tools as per your needs.

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