Searching Autosuggest list which can be called with 2 db strings

Hi Forum,

I am looking for a autosuggestion list for my website…where I can call 2 db strings as per the changing of user selection…

  1. Search By Company
  2. Search By Product

If anybody know the link where I can get this kind of script…so…It would be great…

Thanks for your consideration…


what auto suggest does
it take some values and return some values
and it normally has a javascript or jquery function and php page
in your either case either company or product ,the script should behave same(just querying and returning different values)

so if i were you,i would introduce an extra parameter in javascript or jquery …like 1 and 2 …(1=company, 2 for … so on) and pass it to php page which makes query through js function and make if statement based on it
if (value==1)
query company
return company
else if value==2
query products…

so if you do so,you dont need any extra custom scripts and make any autosuggest code work for your requirement…

atleast that is what i do or what i did

Thanks frank,

I appreciate your time and consideration…and help…

But I am not that much familiar with JS…so I am unable to create my own…but If you can help me out to show me a pre made script or tutorial…that would be great…

Thanks for your you reply.

Thanks a lot.