Searchable image gallery

I spent about an hour looking at hotscripts, without luck so far.

I want an image gallery with a mysql backend, so arbitrary keywords can
be attached to images, and then searched that way.

I have a request to build a web-based photo archive of over 10,000 images of fishing flies.
Password-empowered volunteers would fill out a keyword submission form,
on a photo-by-photo basis. Each image page would have a small search box
at the top. So you could type “bass frog” and click “search” and then see a dynamically
generated list of links to images that have those keywords attached.

A fairly simple mysql schema could be grafted on to almost any of the almost 600
image gallery scripts listed on HotScripts. But this seems like something that might
already exist. Does it? Or am I on my own here?

It appears what you are after is unique. I am duotful you will find a ready-made solution. You need to talk to a good developer and ask to do the job for you. The job is very easy but you still need a professional developer to make sure that you get a quality application.

Thank you for that answer.
Looks like I’ll have to roll it myself.

Can’t vouch for it but one option that comes up when I do a google search is

Yes thank you.
Someone else pointed that one out.

It looks like a usable framework. The downloadable
code doesn’t do a whole lot. But that’s good. It’s always easier to meld
code into what you want–when it isn’t already bloated and over-adorned.