Search terminology?

Upon a search, of Google, just as an example, searching the term “real”,
I scroll down and see a result for real skatebords.

First I see this link underlined:
Real SkateBoards - Since Day One

The next line shows the businesses’ web url.

The next it shows this truncated paragraph:

“Ishod Wair is Pro Real LowPro Decks 20 Years Road to the Real Video Real Spring 12 Catalog.
Peter Ramondetta; Dennis Busenitz; Justin Brock; keith …”

Ok, my question is do these search result lines and paragraphs have certain marketing/search terminlogy?
For example, is there a more accurate term for the truncated paragraph, then truncated-search-result-paragraph?


I’m not sure, but I call that a “page description” (or similar) as it is often pulled from the meta page description in the head of the document (if that meta element exists).

Either “page description” or “snippet” are commonly used.