Search Telegram channels and chats


Hello here! I’m ICO geek and I monitor icobench and trackico every evening. It is indisputable, that Active community in telegram is one of the best ways to deserve investors trust. But what would be so handy if I could search channels and chats right in Telegram, according to my needs and expectations (I’am focused on dapps start ups). Is there any filter to adjust my search in tg ? (so I not to lose time on listings)


Hi LeoCampbell,

Are you asking for how to search channels and chats in Telegram related to cryptocurrency offerings?

I’ll move your topic to the “Community” category and hope someone can help.


Ok. Thanks.


As I know, TG, unfortunately, still don’t have convenient search for chats. But maybe you need to add in chats that are provided with reliable forms\community’s? Sure that if you have some of such kind in your mind you can ask them for access to their TG chat.