Search ranking dropped?

I operate a website where we added a lot of items a couple months ago. Since then it seems we have dropped quite a bit in the google rankings. We had only about 10 items in the store about a year ago. And then we were doing well with those. But for some reason when we added several hundred items to the store, our hits have dropped quite a bit. Even the pages that aren’t part of the store used to get a lot of hits and we would get calls regularly on those items. But recently there’s been nothing. Any ideas as to what happened?



In the last month April 24, 2012 Google released a new algorithm named “Penguin” which affects the ranking.

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your website might be affected by google panda or new google update that is penguin update. it will be more better to give u answer after review your website.

If you have done any Submission at low quality websites with same anchor text then remove all those links… Also create unique and fresh content for your all pages. don’t ever use duplicate content on your site from other sites. check your all incoming links in Google Webmasters Tool…remove links from Law Quality sites…it will help to recover from Google New Updates…

Did you even try to find out the keywords people used to visit your website? Simply saying your ranking dropped does not explain the issue. Ranking is for keywords and if all of the keywords do not rank the it is definitely some algorithm update.

What you can also do is in google analytics check the traffic and see on which date it started decreasing and if those dates are not when the penguin and panda occurred then maybe you would have done some changes around those day.

I hope this will help you to figure out the problem.

[FONT=verdana]Just adding pages to a site (which is what you say you did, Outatime) would not cause Penguin or Panda to lower the site.

So, did you make any other change as part of the expansion of the site? For example, did you change the navigation in some way that might have prevented the site being crawled?

I’d also echo Anil’s advice and check your stats to see when the drop occurred. If it was a sudden drop on a single day, then it’s more likely to be because of an algorithm change than a crawling problem. If you can tie the date to any specific algorithm change, that would be helpful, but keep in mind that algorithm changes don’t take effect throughtout the world on the same day; it generally takes a few days or weeks to roll them out completely.


Maggy: About the duplicate content from other sites…I have copied content from one of our suppliers websites onto our website since we are selling their items. Is this hurting us?

You need to learn new & current algorithm - Penguin, but I still don’t understand the detail of the Penguin algorithm. However, I believe that unique content and high quality backlinks can improve search engine ranking position at Google for targeted keywords that you wish. You must remember to avoid the keyword stuffing and backlink spamming which has no value.

Highly unlikely. It’s more likely to be hurting your suppliers, given they had the content before you saw your drop in rankings. (Of course, the suppliers could legitimately claim that you are infringing their copyright, but that’s another issue.)

You know, maybe you are worrying too much about search engine ranking, when what really matters is your total sales. You say you’ve added many new items. I would have thought that doing so would lead to an increase in sales, given that you have more products to sell. If it doesn’t, then there’s something more fundamentally wrong, either with the webiste or the products you are selling. That’s what you need to focus on.


hopefully thats due to penguin algo.Remove backlinks from spam site if possible and add a blog in your site and regularly update that.Or you can write more about your product daily on your site.In short you need to regularly update your content.That definately help you.