Search for a frugal and minimal PHP framework


We already know about mind-blowing PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, etc. and their enormous capabilities in accomplishing things. But what about a very small micro-framework for PHP? Something along the lines of Flask or Bottle? Something you can use to develop things like REST API, prototyping something at initial stage or a frontend SPA app with just basic PHP features?

Today, I want to introduce you to minimal-mvc, an extremely tiny micro framework with just two core scripts viz. routing.php for handling the routing and util.php for working with templates.

Over the years of app development experience, I’ve found that these two capabilities are the critical minimum required features even in most basic or simple web apps. Adding CRUD and databases is a late stage capability which core PHP is more than capable of handling. But with a solid routing structure and a template system where you can quickly prototype multiple partial content pages based on a parent or base template is often very useful when starting a new web app project.

I hope you will explore and review the minimal-mvc framework and I’ll be even more glad if you find it useful for your projects.

Happy Programming!