Search Engine Submission Does it Useful?

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Can I submit approved submission URLs to the Search engine submission,

Does it useful for better ranking of my website.

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<snip />[URL=“”]

Its a total waste of time. It has not been any use to submit a site to a search engine since at least last century.

Search engine submission is not so worthy… it will be helpful if domain is fresh. if domain is new then we have to submit in SE to index fast… otherwise its totally wasting of time

Search Engines don’t rely on external submissions of URL’s to index the web.

Yes its necessary for our site better ranking.

Nonsense! Its not helpful at all and makes absolutely no difference! Where are you getting your information from?

If your domain is new then Yes its necessary for site better ranking. and don’t submit approved submission URLs to the search engine submission because search engine doesn’t index crawl that site.

No its not! It has NO impact on your sites rankings.

Now a days its totally useless. If we talk about google as a search engine the only a few regular activity can index a newly created website. And if you are concern about getting visitors from search engines then i think you will only concern about Google.

I think you have posted this question in some forums as well.Still i can’t understand,What do you mean by "approved submission URLs "?Who approved your URL’s?Can you explain it please?

Asked & answered. Closing this thread since there are no follow up questions from the OP.