Search engine results

Hi, there
today in webmaster tool i saw a boost in in search engine results on average 117% but when i looked for the details i found that all the clicks is from a keyword (it is a site url which contain in my web directory) which is not possible to be searched by regular user it seems to be from a software i think.

My question is, are clicks from a software if yes, does it have negative effects on my site?

if needed i will give the clicked urls


Google is ranking websites with better quality and fresh content. so, now one can expect that most of the junk websites have lost their rank on Google.

Yes! Sure! I have the same problem. My analytics report shows one keyword which i tried in google. And its there is not in the first 100 place.

Today there no any visitors from that keyword but still my site is in the same position. Than it must be a software .

is there anyone know a software like this and what are the possible benefits of it for one who use

thanks in advance

Check whether the clicks are coming from a Link Farm, if yes then check whether you had ever submitted your website to that Link Farm and whether your websites link exists on that site. If it comes true on both the occasion then try to remover the link of your website from Link Farm by logging-in or writing to its webmaster.

If its a genuine website and not a Link Farm, then nothing to worry at all and it will be considered as a genuine traffic (referral site) by Google.

The clicks are not from link farm they are from google search but not by regular user by a software