Search Engine Optimization

SEO Expands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO means optimizing a website into search engine with our targeted keywords. If somebody search with our targeted keywords into search engine, our website should display first page of the search engine. SEO is very helpful for the increasing web site rank in search engine. SEO give more back links to our web site

Architecture of SEO
*On page Seo
*Off page seo
*Position Monitoring

On page SEO
*PreOptimizing Report
*Keyword Research
*Competitor website analysis
*Rewriting Robo Friendly text
*H1,H2 Tags
*Title Tag
*Meta Tag
*Alt Tag
*Body Text & content
*Structure of website

*Article Submission
*Directory Submission
*Press Release Submission
*Book marking Submission
*Forum Participate

Valid points, but it’s all been covered in our SEO FAQ, so unless there’s a particular direction you’re looking to go with this, I’m going to close the thread now to avoid repeating discussions we’ve already had before.