Search Engine Optimisation <SPIKEY SNIP>

At <snip></snip> we strive to deliver the highest quality of customer service, web design and development and search engine optimisation.

and you think that the best form of SEO and business promotion is to spam web dev forums?
Are you expecting to get any business from people who are doing the same job as you?

Perhaps you should rethink your strategy a little and then try again.

Super fast modding mate.

no problem JJ, you tell me where the garbage is and I will drop by asap.
Fed up with all this rubbish.

Retweet …er …thingummy.

sorry i don’t get it, what is <snip></snip> ?

Its where an admin, team leader or advisor has edited a post and removed a dubious link, self promotional statement or something that breaks the SitePoint rules