Search Cities around the world using an API

I want to add a text book that search for major cities around the world…so for instance, when when a user start typing Par…The entry paris will be shown on the text box, similar to what lot of hotels site use and with countries as well in case there are simlar cities names in different countries… Are there any free APIs I can connect to and use this option? i d rather not download any data on a database. Any advise on how to implement this would be useful

i am using VB.NET


If you want only a few cities, then do it by hand. If you will list many, then you’ll need a database. This database lists 4 million cities: (I found this by searching “database of world cities”)

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I came across that database, but does it mean I will have to download it as a csv then export it to my own database and then query it? I was hoping there could be an API to just connect to


Accessing an API is A) Slower, B) Not Reliable, and C) Out of your control.

This seems to be an API you are looking for.

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