SE spider does not see my blog

I recently updated a website and moved it to a new server.
For some reason, the SE spider does not see all the blog posts at

Any idea why? It takes a couple of the links, but there are over one hundred blog posts and it is not taking them.

I used and the url I entered is

Normally SE spiders not considering the IP so I hope server changing will not be the issue…All SE spiders not seeing or only Google?. have to verify more on it… so plz give more detail about the issue

How do you know the spiders aren’t finding them? Google is returning 475 pages on your domain.

I guess I can’t be 100% sure. Those old pages are from before I changed the design and switched to a new hosting account.

It is just that both my sitemap generator, and webconfs are not seeing all the links in the /posts/ folder

You post has been crawled by google,How are you telling that?

Google is returning 51 pages from within the /posts/ folder on your site. How many should there be?

You can check what Google has on a site (or in a particular directory on a site) with the site: operator. Type into the googlebar and that is a much more reliable indicator of what Google sees than some third party junk\\\\SEO tool.

Not because your sitemap generator and webconfs can’t find them doesn’t mean google can’t.

Try using, I use it all the time to generate xml sitemaps and it works great.

I use xml-sitemaps, and this program can’t find these pages. I have sent a support request to them.

Google find these pages before my redesign… the cached page will show the old layout.’

Thanks for the help!

OK. What I have done is eliminated my blog from xml-sitemaps. And installed a sitemap plugin in Wordpress and submitted both to Google… seems to work :slight_smile: